Golf MK7

D2 RacingSport Big Brake Kits voor Volkswagen Golf MK7. Grotere remblokken en grote remschijven zijn perfect voor kortere remafstanden. D2 Racing Big Brake Kits verschaffen je volop remkracht als je die het hardst nodig hebt. Een Big Brake Kit, ook bekend als Upgraded Brake Kit of Upsized Brake Kit, is samengesteld uit grotere remschijven, remblokken en remklauwen. Je kunt kiezen uit Fixing of Floating schijven, 2, 4, 6 of 8 zuigers en de soort klauw (sport of street).

We hebben de volgende maten Big Brake Kits beschikbaar:

  • 330x32mm (8 Pistons)
  • 356x32mm (8 Pistons)
  • 380x32mm (8 Pistons)
  • 400x36mm (8 Pistons)
  • 421x26mm (8 Pistons)
  • 421x36mm (8 Pistons)
  • 444x36mm (12 Pistons)

Onderstaand een kleine selectie uit onze Big Brake Kits voor Golf 7. Staat de gewenste type / maat er niet tussen of heb je vragen? Neem dan contact met ons op via ons contactformulier / WhatsApp / per e-mail.

Big Brake kits with sport or race pads

Depending on the usage, the big brake kit can be ordered with sport pads or race pads. Sport pads are meant for street and occasional track/circuit usage. Race pads are meant for track/circuit usage only.


Do I need a Sport or Street caliper

For most applications there is a choice between a sport caliper or a street caliper.

Street Caliper: With dust cover (5 year limited warranty)
Sport Caliper: Without dust cover (2 year limited warranty)

Dust covers prevents sticking or dragging brake issues, ensures the optimum in performance when you need it most. Street calipers with dust covers are recommended for (daily) street use. Sport calipers without dust covers are recommended for motorsport use.

Caliper color

Painted purple, black, yellow, red and anodized black are the standard colors. On special request and with additional costs customized colors are available. Please contact us for more information about the special color options.


Do I need a Fixed or Floating disc mounting?

Beside the choice of caliper you can choose for fixed or floating center bells. For normal street use and occasional track day usage of the fixed connection will do its job properly. The floating center allows extreme thermal expansion and is therefore used and recommended for motorsport usage.


Slotted vs drilled discs

Slotted rotors offer improved bite and a slightly higher friction level than plain rotors. Slots prevent reduction in friction due to pad outgassing or brake dust trapped between pads and rotors. Pad coefficient of friction is maintained over the lifetime of the pads, since slots shave away glaze formation and expose fresh pad surface each time brakes are applied. Slotted rotors are by far the number one choice for cars used in competition or open track events. Disadvantages include slightly reduced pad life, some low frequency rumble and pedal flutter when braking hard from high speeds.

Drilled rotors offer slightly more bite and friction than slotted rotors. As with slotted rotors, pad coefficient of friction remains consistent over their lifetime. Wet bite is improved over plain and slotted rotors, so these may be the best choice for areas with heavy rainfall. Weight is reduced by about 0.2 pounds per rotor, depending on size and drill pattern. Disadvantages include possible uneven rotor wear, typically concentric groove formation, although this is mostly an aesthetic concern. A major disadvantage is accelerated formation and spreading of cracks under racing conditions. For this reason, drilled rotors should be avoided for track cars, unless required by the rules. A common piece of misinformation is that they have lower performance than smooth rotors, due to reduced surface area and are for looks only. This is not correct. 


Monoblock vs 2-piece calipers

All standard D2 calipers are forged monoblock aluminium calipers which means that they are machined from a single billet of cast aluminium which ensures outstanding stiffness. Also here D2 proves that their brake parts are designed and manufactured for the maximum performance level that can be reached. The advantages of forged aluminium monoblock calipers are summed up here below:

1.            Lightweight design
2.            Increase the hardness of caliper, will not be deformed.
3.            Outstanding appearance of caliper
4.            Repair, rebuild, and re-painted easily

(H3) Sport Hollow Calipers

As from 2021 D2 offer a wide range of Sport hollow calipers. These outstanding calipers both in looks and performance, which are usually only found on advanced GT Racing cars, are the newest development. The features of these sport hollow calipers are decrease weight, increased heat dissipation and effectively reduce brake temperature which is key in performance braking technology. The sport hollow calipers can be ordered already through our contact form and will be added as an option in the webshop in the course of 2021.

Dual Fuel Calipers

For drifting purpose, all rear brakes in 330 and 356mm are available for upgrading to dual fuel caliper. Each caliper has two individual fuels, each of them control four brake pads. One of the fuels is used for pedal brake fuel; the other fuel is for handbrake cylinder.
For more details and costs involved please contact us.


D2 Rear big brake kits

Most recent car models are equipped with an electronic hand brake which makes the switch to a rear big brake more challenging. D2 has several patented handbrake calipers which offer the perfect solution.

The parking function comes from the floated mechanical design, clipping from both sides. No need to use hydraulic fuel. There will not be the problems with the implication between handbrake lever and pedal, and not the problems with the loose of oil pressure. It is not necessary to use two calipers on one side. Our EPB caliper is provided with both functions simultaneously. It not only reduce weight of the brake system but also beautify the whole appearance.


D2 offers a wide range of available discs sizes with matching calipers.

Before placing an order, please make sure the kit fits within the wheel of your car. If you are not 100% sure, please request a wheel fitment template.
We recommend you to choose the same rotor size for both front and rear or take 1 size larger at the front as a maximum to make sure you achieve the optimal brake balance in your car.

Spare parts for D2 and K-sport Big Brake Kits

The most common brake replacement parts as replacement discs and replacement pads are soon available in our webshop. Any other D2 or K-sport replacement parts can be ordered on request via our contact form. Please mention all details of your brake kit including a photo and the date of purchase so we can determine the exact parts needed.

How to install a D2 Big Brake Kit

To install your D2 big brakes, please check our technical manual.