Golf MKV GT 1.4 TSI EA111 RTMG Front Mount Intercooler FMI

€ 300,00
Artikelnummer: RTMGEA111FMIS

Suitable for VW Polo, Seat Ibiza & Skoda Fabia with 1.4 TSI EA111 engine.

The kit includes: aluminum front mount intercooler, black silicone reducer couplers, tubes, and clamps.

Size refers to intercooler size. The small one is rated for 300 hp and the large one is rated for 350+ hp.

Our intercooler replaces the stock unit (stock intercooler needs to be uninstalled).

The stainless steel slip-on tubes clamp to the stock couplers on one side, and on the other, the 90-degree silicone reducer couplers clamp to the intercooler end tanks.

For installation, it is required to: remove the front bumper, fabricate 2 small mounts for supporting the intercooler. Slight trimming might be required for proper fitment.