Forge Oil catch tank system with a charcoal filter installed

€ 527,00
Artikelnummer: FMMK5CTC

Excess crankcase pressure is vented from the crankcase through the PCV system, where it is drawn into the intake manifold and returned by the engine. This recirculated air contains aerated oil from the crankcase which is burned by the engine. Turbo charged engines often draw significant amounts of oil into the engine through the PCV system.


This oil catch tank system removes aerated oil so that it can be drained and recycled. This kit is suitable for intallation to the 2 litre FSi engines found in the VW MK5 Golf , MK5 Golf Edition 30 and SEAT Leon Cupra (not for engine codes CCTA CBFA) The kit is available in two versions, as in different geographic locations these vehicles are fitted with a charcoal filter, located at the front of the engine bay (on the left as you open the bonnet/hood)


Productie informatie: 

  • Type: Volkswagen
  • Model: Golf 5 GTI 2.0 Petrol Turbo
  • Modification:
  • Description: OIL CATCH TANK SYSTEM 2.0 LITRE FSIT ( vehicles with carbon filter)
  • Item Colour: N/A
  • Hose Colour: N/A


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